August 15, 2009

Experience Is The Best Teacher

I read today that 54% of the Fortune 100 have Twitter accounts and marketers prefer it almost 2 to 1 vs Facebook. I scratch my head and wonder what the other 46% are waiting for??

Are you on top of your social media name?

Ever try to secure a name (brand, user, vanity) on a social media website only to find out the one you want is taken?

There is a website called KnowEm that allows you to plug in a name and learn if it's taken. It's a great tool, fast and free

BTW, am sharing this as I don't want what happened to me to happen to you. I waited too long and now struggle to find AndyMartin available on the more popular sites. Fortunately my business name is quirky enough and I can still list Al Dente on most sites.