September 25, 2009

Are Print Ads & Buggy Whips Things Of The Past?

This summary from eMarketer is very consistent with our research over the summer. The simple fact is digital marketing is BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER. Also, folks are learning that a migration toward activities that yield a measurable ROI (such as a promotion) makes the head boss happy!

I attended an AMA luncheon last week and felt bad for the printers in the audience. A few actually asked the panelists - made up of pretty good group of CMOs - if they thought print would see a resurgence. Polite answers followed. Short and sweet truth: Not in our lifetime. Buggy whips are a thing of history too.

Key here is to innovate and not except the norm. Printers still have a lot of value to offer, but when they allow themselves to be "order takers" they are DOA.