May 26, 2008

What Keeps Entrepreneurs Up At Night?

While never touted as an easy path to success, over the years I've observed a few drivers of entrepreneurial insomnia. In fact for many the challenges far outstrip their personal drive and tolerance for risk.

Six Common Entrepreneurial Fears:
1) Selling and rejection
2) They said “yes” – now what do I do?
3) Inability to cover living expenses (or make payroll)
4) Not building “career” for future employment
5) Figuring out what to do when your first attempt fails
6) Losing your family

Net, most folks have “day jobs”, “work for the man” and “sleep at night” :)

May 17, 2008

Brand Well or Die!

Ok, so maybe you won't die, but you will make less money.

Proven fact: "world-class" companies take branding seriously, while "also ran" organizations think their brands are logos.

Which one do you aspire to be? Who does your branding? Remember, your customers can spot "amateur hour" a mile away.

May 11, 2008

Google AdWords or Starbucks Latte?

Does this guy look familiar? How are you ever going to successfully cold call him?

Let me share a secret - YOU CAN'T ! In the B2B game no one ever buys this way. Smart decision makers seek solutions every day; however, THEY decide when and who they want to hear from.

Next time you are tempted to generate a hot lead by buying someone coffee and hoping they introduce you to their rolodex, don’t. Instead focus your energy and dollars in a solid Google AdWord campaign. It's not as tough as you may think and it's a lot easier to "sell" when someone has called and asked you for information.